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Feiga Barondess1851-January-012028-April-1277Mother of Taube Sheinbach
Rose Fishoff1855-January-012026-October-1171Mother of Sol (Zulman) Fishoff
Jacob Sheinbach1858-January-011931-February-1873Husband of Taube. Father of Moisha, Sam and Leika.
Taube Sheinbach1866-January-011941-February-0175Wife of Jacob; Mother of Moisha, Sam and Leika
Anna Sarah Sheinbach1887-January-011973-September-3086Wife of Moisha; Mother of Boris, Hilda and Esther.
Florence Sheinbach1897-January-011945-March-2048Wife of Samuel; Mother of Gerald and Harold
Rose Fishoff Lee1914-March-281985-December-0271Daughter of Zulman and Leika; Mother of Taube Pecullan
Sonia Sheinbach1934-October-291996-April-1661Wife of Jerry; Mother of Debbie, Stephanie and Alissa
Taube Pecullan1945-October-102002-January-0556Wife of Michael; Granddaughter of Zulman and Leika; Mother of Scott and Melissa
Moisha Sheinbach1985-October-151974-June-0388Son of Jacob and Taube. Husband of Anna Sarah; Father of Boris, Hilda and Esther.
Samuel Sheinbach1988-March-301957-June-2669Son of Jacob and Taube; Husband of Florence; Father of Gerald and Harold
Lillian (Leika) Fishoff1994-October-291981-June-2986Wife of Sol (Zulman); Mother of Sam, Hy and Rose Lee
Boris Sheinbach2009-October-1001/3119/8373Husband of Eva; Father of Stanley
Hilda Goodman2012-March-151984-December-1272Wife of Michael; Daughter of Moisha and Anna Sarah; Mother of Paula
Michael Goodman2012-August-301995-December-0483Husband of Hilda; Father of Paula
Sherman Novalis2017-July-032008-February-2090Husband of Esther
Esther Novalis2018-June-011987-December-2869Daughter of Moisha and Anna Sarah
Sam Fishoff2018-October-181997-August-0578Husband of Flora; Brother of Hy and Rose
Eva Sheinbach2019-November-252010-October-2090Wife of Boris; Mother of Stanley
Hy Fishoff2021-May-152011-January-0189Husband of Lorraine, Father of Michael and Scott
Lorraine Fishoff2027-December-122016-September-1188Wife of Hy, Mother of Michael and Scott