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Ellis Island

The family’s extraordinary experiences in making the journey from their homes in Ukraine to the departure ports in western Europe are described in (link).

Samuel Sheinbach, at age 25, was the first to come, arriving Dec.1913 from Ham-burg, Germany. The ship’s manifest showed he had only $7 in cash. Jacob and Taube Sheinbach arrived April 1921 from Southhampton, England. On the same ship were two teenage Sheinbach cousins, Gilda and Gersch Barondess. In 1983, Gilda recounted her immigration story.(see link) Note: Two females with the Sheinbach name, Tonia, age 23, and Leja,age 20, were listed as daughters but were not related to us. Samuel and Hende Sheinbach arrived in May 1921. Hende, listed as Sam’s wife, was shown as having received U.S. citizenship just one month earlier in Europe, but we have no knowledge of her having come to the U.S. Feiga Barondess,Sam’s grandmother, came on the same ship.

Morris and Chana Sheinbach arrived September 1923 from Rotterdam, Holland with their children Boris, age 15, Hilda, age 12, and Esther, age 6. The manifest shows the family had a total of $10.

Zalman and Leika Fishoff arrived October 1923 from Rotterdam, with Zalman’s mother Rose and their children Rose, age 8, Sam, age 5, and Hy, age 2.

All of them were processed at Ellis Island and joined relatives in New York City.